Store bought almond milk just doesn’t taste the same.

Homemade almond milk tastes better than store bought. It takes time to prepare the almonds and to clean up afterwards. It’s a weekend recipe that rewards you with delicious almond milk for the week ahead.

This recipe makes around 600mls. You can adjust the amount water if you wanted to make more but consider the almond to water ratios. I honestly grabbed two and a bit handfuls of almonds and guessed the amount of water needed.

Utensils needed:

Cheesecloth. If you make your own cheese or yogurt with your cheesecloth, buy another cheesecloth. Just in case… do anything to prevent food poisoning

A large jug or a bowl with a spout, this will make it easier to pour the milk into bottle or jar to store your milk

A jar or bottle with lid or cap, sterilised by placing it in hot boiling water


500ml (or more) filtered or cooled down boiled water or a 500ml of bottled water for the milk

Extra water to cover the almonds, I prefer using cold boiled water

1 cup of almonds (or more)


Grab a bowl and place almonds and enough water to cover the almonds. Leave to soak for at least 6 hours on the counter to overnight in the fridge, make sure it’s covered with cling film.

Once soaked you may:

    • drain the almonds, give it a rinse, place in blender with filtered water and blend.
    • drain and rinse then peel off the skins by pinching the almonds between thumb and index finger. The skin should be loose and wrinkly, easy to slip off. Then place in blender with filtered water and blend. I suggest this step because it is easier to clean the cheesecloth afterwards. However it took me an extra 45 minutes to slip the skins off but it was worth it.

Once you have blended your almonds into a white liquid, take your cheesecloth and fold it so that you have four layers of cloth. This will help to filter the grounded almonds from the milk. Proceed to pour milk into cloth and squeeze out the milk by grabbing the corners and twisting it so it looks like a christmas pudding. Keep pouring and squeezing until you have no more liquid in the christmas pudding.

Pour the milk into desired container and store it in the fridge. Give it a shake before you serve it as it can separate.

What to do with the ball of grounded almonds?

Make almond meal! Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Place almonds onto a baking sheet and flatten it out. Place into oven until the almonds are dry. Let the almonds to cool, place into food processor and blitz it into a fine powder. Store in airtight container.

How to clean cheesecloth?

I am still seeking the answer to this. My current method is to soak and squeeze the cloth in warm to hot water at least three times or until the water is clear. I then leave the cloth to soak overnight and rinse it again the next day. I then squeeze out the water and hang it outside on the clothing line. Next I take the ends of the cloth, raise my arms and quickly lower them. You will see all the little bits of almonds flying at your face. I do this multiple of times until I don’t see any specks of almonds flying at me. Another way is to dry the cheesechoth and then shake out the almond bits. They will float out like dust instead of speeding micro specks.

If anyone has a better method to clean a cheesecloth please let me know!

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