My other favourites of the year.

S’well Bottle – This guy is my best friend in winter. Hot green tea on the go everyday during uni. It’s a stainless steel thermal bottle – hot liquid can last up to 12 hours, icy liquids can last up to 24 hours. It comes in three sizes – 750ml, 500ml (in the pic), 260ml and so many different designs. You can get them at Peter of Kensington or like me, I purchased mine at the gift shop at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Alter Eco Dark Cacao with cocoa nibs – It’s dark chocolate that isn’t too bitter (it’s only 63%! I actually don’t find it bitter at all), the cocoa nibs are fruity and crunchy. The packaging is lush. You can find this in Coles.

Native Union iPhone 6 Case – It’s real marble and it’s real pretty. It comes in white and black. It’s not heavy at all. Recently, my phone and the case have taken a few tumbles and so far no damages on both items! But it did chip a wooden shelf. It is also 99% difficult to take the case off but why would you want to? It’s so gorgeous??

Maison Blanche Soy Candle in Gardenia + Olive – It smells like gardenias. What more can I say? It’s light and floral. We both know that the glass jar is perfect for holding some makeup brushes or some cotton pads.

Zebra Mildliner Highlights – These Japanese highlighters pastel highlighters. They are easy on the eyes and they come in packs of five, each pack has a colour set – warm, cool and pastel. They add a little bit of sunshine to my 24 page journal article and that all I can ever ask for.

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