aka. favourite tunes of 2015

Songs are like bookmarks to small moments in my life. Feelings rise and fall. I feel smiley or just ugh. I’ll collect songs in a playlist and try to relive those moments or just contemplate.

Here is my 2015 playlist and a few songs that have soundtracked a moment in 2015. I hope you find (maybe) new tunes or artists through this. Let me know!

  1. Humanimal – Fire In The Hamptons: such a great beat to start the playlist. I was looking at songs featured in Gossip Girl when I stumbled across this one.
  2. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap: On NYE we watched 500 Days of Summer. Haven’t watched it before. The song stuck. I loved the film.
  3. West Coast – Coconut Records: I remember listening to this the morning after a hilarious night out.
  4. Miles Away – The Maine: The band that soundtracked my days in high school released a new album this year. I’ve got a soft spot for them in my heart. They are turning 10 in 2017!
  5. Jungle – Panama: The tune that started summer for me.
  6. Dreaming – Smallpools: My studying song when I became delirious and need to jam out to a beat.
  7. First and Bitter Poem– Cold War Kids: I played these two tunes on replay on the way to work everyday during December.

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