A list of reasons why you should buy travel sized products

No more post purchase remorse. There have been too many times where I have bought a full size product only to have it irritate my skin a few weeks later. So I don’t use it. And it haunts the back of my bathroom cabinet because instead of throwing it out I tell myself I will use it ‘one day’. Let’s be honest, I’m not going to use it ‘one day’.

Perfect amount of product to test over x period of time. I am aware that companies provide samples of products. But have you seen those things?! They come in a flimsy packet which requires you to rip it and use it within three days or else the product will dry up. In my opinion that is not enough time to test a product and see a result.

There is always something else to try. Travel sizes are small and are quick to finish (at least six months). Thus giving you an opportunity to try something else. Also, sometimes a product will just quit on you after four months. With a mini, I am reassured that I’ll be able to finish it soon and replace it or throw it with no remorse (see point one).

Save money. This one applies more to the expensive brands and the possibility of wasting money on the full size only to breakout all over. I’d have a heart attack and a whole lot of remorse if I was allergic to a $98 moisturiser!

Travel friendly and cute. The most obvious reason, it’s mini and you can take it anywhere!


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