I had this post saved as a draft before my exams. But I still think it is relevant- we should all treat ourselves once in a while.

Here are a few ways to #treatyourself

Gift for thyself (or someone else): a dainty little Belinda Saville ring. I’ve been browsing her Etsy store for months and I finally decided to act on it. It’s so cute!

Nutrition for thy body: Botanica Cold Pressed Juices – available at your local Harris Farm (or go to Bondi Icebergs). If you’re like in my position where you have wrecked your body from late nights, poor food choices and lack of exercise – drink this & feel slightly better. (But really though I don’t need to travel far for cold press anymore!)

Super snacks for thy study session: Mary’s Gone Crackers with some avocado in top. I challenged myself to eat vegan for two weeks (I only lasted four days). The one thing I discovered and absolutely fell in love for was these vegan crackers- available in the health food aisle in Coles!

Entertainment for thy study break: Okay, going to be real- here are four-ish awesome channels to watch.

Adrian Bliss – He recently started a satirical vlogging project called VLUNE (vlogging everyday in June) it’s hilarious. If you are new to him, I suggest you to watch his Vlogmas series first.

Hot For Food + Lauren Toyota – Hot For Food is a Youtube cooking channel for vegan food. Lauren Toyota is one half of the presenters on Hot For Food and I find her personality captivating.

Josh Sobo – He’s a vlogger from New Jersey & he’s doing five days a week while he is on summer break. Always going on adventures, always having fun -live vicariously through his summer to get through your winter. But really though, I love how aesthetically pleasing his vlogs look (something I’m striving to achieve).

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