Here are 6 of my favourite artists at the moment.

  1. BASTILLE – If you haven’t heard of them I’m certain you have heard of their song ‘Pompeii’ at least once in the past three years. They are the ‘eh oh’ guys. After three years they have released a second album titled Wild World and it’s brilliant. My favourite songs from that album are currently: Warmth, Glory, Power, Lethargy, The Anchor.
  2. BANKS – Banks just dropped an album titled The AltarIt has moody, dark, empowering vibes to it. I love it. Still seeking for more female artists like this. Favourite tunes on this album: Trainwreck, This is Not About Us, Gemini Feed, Mind Games, Lovesick.
  3. THE NIGHT VI – are no longer a band :( but they still have their tunes up on Spotify. You can purchase their EP Still Thinking of YouHowever it’s not available to stream in Australia – perhaps in other countries you can. Favourite tunes: Thinking of You, Mother, Sienna
  4. PARADISIA – Paradisia is made up of the three ladies from The Night VI. They only have two songs on Spotify- Silent Lover and Dancing in the Dark. Give it a listen here.
  5. JAGARA – They lost the extra ‘a’ in their name and which made it so difficult to find their music! They have been on my Instagram radar for a while but only a few days ago I finally found some of their tunes. Haunting vocals. Listen here (on Youtube).
  6. BØRNS – I discovered this guy when I was in the Seed changing rooms. I Shazam-ed his song 10,000 Emerald Pools. That night I was dancing all night in my room. He played at Coachella- can you imagine how dreamy it was? I mean listen to his music and imagine yourself at Coachella- flower crowns, glitter, floaty tops, maybe a sunset backdrop. I would love to see him play at a festival. Favourite tunes: 10,000 Emerald Pools, American Money, Past Lives, Seeing Stars, The Emotion.

What are some of your favourite artists/ tunes?

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