I solo travelled to a camping music festival and survived yay!

I’m a festival newbie (yes, I am using that word). Falls was the second music festival I’ve ever attended. The first being a camping ticket to the muddy pits of Splendour in the Grass in 2013. I had a brief idea of what I was going to expect – less rain, more sunshine, no showers, no clean toilets. I left Sydney with incrediblely low expectations. It was perfect to set the bar so low because I ended up having an alright time. I used this trip as an excuse to practice for future solo travelling. And here is what I learnt in the three short days in Marion Bay…

Ask people: Ask people for help, ask people if you can sit with them, ask people if you can stand with them. People are generally nice and lovely about it. Think about a time when someone asked you to help them. Did you help them? In most cases you obliged because it feels good to help someone out.

If you plan on camping, make friends with your neighbours: I read a lot of forums before I left for this trip. One of the main tips was to make friends with your neighbour. I made two festival friends who welcomed me into their little pair. Yes, I was a third wheel but it was so nice to be in a group with people. I was part of a small crew and that was comforting. I was fortunate to have these two festival goers invite me to the beach with them in the morning. I was so grateful because loneliness was slowly settling in.

Also, don’t lie in a non-dangerous situation: Makes sense right? But I did lie. My confidence slipped and I lied to two girls and said my friend ditched me to go island hopping instead of Falls. That backfired because I felt so uncomfortable lying to them that I withdrew from conversation. And then those girls became my camping neighbours. By all means lie about running back to your friends when approached a drunk stranger. Ya know, safety first.

So be honest: Be honest about why you are there. They either invite you with open arms (refer point two) or ‘wow, that’s brave of you’ (actual direct quote). And if they are snobbish walk away or they will walk away. You don’t want to hang around someone like that.

Don’t under estimate the sun rays: In general, don’t ever under estimate the sun rays in Australia. Just don’t. Wear sunscreen to avoid looking like a red lobster. Even when it is cloudy and overcast (because I didn’t and I have the worst tan lines ever).


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