Moodboard: Sun × Swim

Daily Life August 18, 2017

A curated selection of images that reflective my mood.

Recently the temperature rose to 26 degrees. I complained. It was too hot. I was wearing all black. But since that Sunday I’ve been day dreaming for longer days and warmer temperatures. I’ve been saving pictures and gathering inspiration for my summer look.

Every summer I try to dress like I’m on a vacation. A relaxed vacation. The one where I’m strolling down the beach at sunset after my relaxing yoga class, dressed head to toe white linen.

And of course that never happens.

I’m usually dressed in black clothing because I told myself I’ll be in the sun for 5 minutes. Just a quick dash from building to car! (or vice versa). But I end up feeling sweaty and mortified at the possibility of reeking of BO.

My plan for this summer is to try and embody my moodboard. To wear every other colour but black. Also to dress like I am always chilled out. And here’s my inspiration for that…

img_2519-1 @countryroad@jimsandkittys@sisiliapiring 
@nycbambi@joannepio@assemblylabel via @andicsinger
@wolf_circus@thefilmcommunity via @seasouldiary@jimsandkittys

img_2518-1 @makinglines@jimsandkittys – @nycbambi

img_2520-1 @wolf_circus@assemblylabel via @itchban@katie.fitzsimmons
@wolf_circus@betheliem@warbyparker via @maddimcmaster

img_2522-1 @jessieandrews@alicecaherine@gizawiza

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