I’m writing to you in bed on a Monday afternoon because the plague the flu hit me like a freight train and I’m recovering.

I figured a ‘Lately’ post would be a good one for October. You know, since I went MIA in September and before that it was four months of radio silence. No one is reading this (But HELLO if you are!! HOW ARE YOU?)

So what have I been up to?

The first half of the year I was missing in action because I was keeping my head down and finishing up my last units of my degree. In September I graduated university with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

Whilst I was MIA I have listened to some good and cheesy tunes, I’ve read few (2 – need to work on that) books, saved a few good articles (maybe some was found last weekend…) and they are all listed below…


First and foremost I need to tell you my music choice has shifted wildly this year – as you will soon see in my playlist for 2017. I am unapologetically listening to pop music and no one can stop me.

In the past month I have been listening to a relatively new band called New Hope Club. They have an E.P out called Welcome to the Club and a load of covers on their Youtube channel. My favourite song of theirs is Medicine (which is not released yet so go on and seek for HQ audio from their live gigs). Favourite cover is probably their Shawn Mendes mashup. As well as that, The Vamps had caught my ears and I’m jamming to Paper Hearts on repeat. I was also browsing Catfish and the Bottlemen and stumbled across Honey Sweet by Blossoms. But my favourite thing ever has definitely been Rationale’s debut album which was released last Friday. Favourite tunes from the album are Oil and Water, Into the Blue, Losing Sleep and Phenomenal.


I picked up Londoners by Craig Taylor (The book actually has a really long title). I am 100% in the Long for It club. The book is full of small recounts by (ex)-(wannabe)-Londoners of their experience of London. I think I love it so much because it just gives the smallest glimpse of someone’s life and I’m just a nosey one. I’m that Youtube viewer who loves vlogs, house tours, whats in my bag videos because I want to know how you live. I get that in a written format in this book.

I also read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. I also followed the steps in throwing out/donating items that I don’t need. It was liberating to give away items. It was surprising to find how much items that I held onto that had no sentimental value or practical use. The only ‘issue’ I stumbled across was when a few months down the line I lost an ear bud and I threw the replacement in the bin during the clear out. I needed those replacements. Lesson learnt: don’t throw out your earbuds when you still have functioning earphones! Overall: really good book to inspire to clean out that miscellaneous box in the basement.


My favourite articles from the web is from Man Repeller. I felt they became my older sister(s) and told me some wise words: “I have to” is actually MY choice

And we must not forget the brutal reminder that I’m in the deep when I can’t be honest with my purpose and accept the costs that come along with it.

On the other hand, Man Repeller has totally curated the dream summer wardrobe that I plan to rip off this summer.

And I hope whilst wearing my summer outfits, I’ll be also revisiting this old article of all the salads listed here by New York Times.

Here’s to hoping your October is a brilliant one!

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