What I wore on Fridays in January.

We have casual Fridays at work (we are given uniforms to wear from Mondays to Thursdays). Last year I’m pretty sure wore the same grey jumper 45 out of the 50 working weeks. I’d like to change that this year.

We have a pretty strict policy on what we can and can’t wear. Restrictions include:  no open toes, no high heels above 7cm, no shoulders showing, no skirts above knee length, no cleavage, no blouses with strings, no scruffy outfits. Last year I found it hard to dress comfortable and stylish. I constantly aimed for comfort and that grey jumper with jeans. My aim this year is to record what I wore on Fridays and try not to repeat the same outfit.

So here are my January uniforms in mirror selfies and a timed selfie. This series will most likely continue to be in a mirror selfie format.

5th Jan 2018: First Friday of ‘casual Fridays’ of 2018. I could have went without the vest but I was not happy with how my bottom looked in those pants. My feet were also pinched by the end of the day.

blouse – uniqlo / pants – saba / vest – zara / shoes – jo mercer

12 Jan 2018: Again, not happy with the bottom therefore I wore my shirt as a jacket. It crinkled so badly. Also those loafers are my favourite shoes ever and I wear them all year round.

singlet – it’s old / shirt – old courntry road / scarf – witchery / jeans – citizen of humanity / loafers – midas

19 Jan 2018: The grey jumper has appeared. I wore the jumper when I was in the office since no shoulders allowed. Also it’s because I have an AC vent right above me. I freeze to near death occasionally (all the time). Please excuse the edited background. The foot of my fan was peeping out at my crotch area. I only noticed once I changed out of my clothes and I was not bothered to put them back on again to retake the photo. So I edited the background. Lazy or dedicated? You decide.

my most loved jumper – h&m / blouse – uniqlo / jeans – topshop leigh / sneakers – converse / bag – furla

26 Jan 2018: It was Australia Day therefore no work as it was a public holiday. However, I decided to include what I wore. I went to a Clean Bandit and Glades concert that evening and this is what I wore. All black nothing new here – and I’m most likely going to repeat this outfit.

singlet – it’s old / jeans – topshop leigh / sneakers – converse / necklace – bagatiba / clutch – status anxiety

See you in February with outfits that are hopefully more interesting.

3 thoughts on “Uniform: January 2018

  1. I really enjoyed this! Would you mind if I ask what job you have? It’s so interesting that you have uniforms Mondays through Thursdays and even casual Fridays have a pretty strict dress code, bc here in California my professors often come to class in like sweatshirts and cargo pants lol. I hope to see more of this series and see how your restrictions push you to be more creative :)


    1. Thanks Maxine! I work in accounts in a construction firm. We used to have business casual all week but I think people had different interpretations of it so we were given uniforms to settle it. But my lecturers in uni also wore casual outfits to class!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah OK! Both my parents are academics and we used to live in the UK, so from what I’ve heard from them, no professor would ever be caught dead in a sweatshirt at lecture time lol. I didn’t know about Australia though :)


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