The stuff in my shopping cart so I can achieve the I am relaxed look.

I want to look like a woman who had just finished her yoga class and decided to go for a stroll down the beach in white linen. I can tell you right now I’m not achieving any relaxed looks as documented in my What I Wore on Fridays. I’m not even dressed for the summer weather. However I’ve been hunting on Instagram for some Australian brands/stores to achieve that look. So here is what I have found:

Statement earrings from The Outlier Standard

These pants from ARNSDORF are pretty cool

With a nice cotton t-shirt from Dress Up

View this post on Instagram

The yogi tee is back in cream and grey marle 👏 #DUarchive

A post shared by D R E S S U P (@dress_up_clothing) on

Or the wool one from Caves Collect

A jumpsuit from Limb to go with my walk down the road and not the beach because the beach is 50 mins away from my home

Or a red dress from Good Studios

And also rings from Holly Ryan and Sarah & Sebastian

Not an Australian brand but J.Hannah nail polish that happens to be available at the Australian online store Shifting Worlds

(My favourite find)

Ok that is all for now. Happy shopping with smaller shipping fees.

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