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Uniform: February 2018

Nothing I wore this month accurately reflected the weather outside.

What I wore on Fridays in February.

I’m doing a ‘What I Wore’ series this year. Previous month is here if you are interested.

02 Feb 2018: This week was blissfully cool in Sydney. We had temperatures that hovered around the low twenties. On this Friday, I wore a black shirt with stars, black jeans and black boots. Not ground breaking. I’m sorry.

shirt – portmans / jeans – topshop leigh / boots – jo mercer

09 Feb 2018: A very typical work outfit. Stripes and red to jazz things up. Looking back I felt like I dressed to make this post slightly interesting. Did not work.

t-shirt – zara / pants – old country road / vest – zara / loafers – midas / bag – old fossil

16 Feb 2018: My grey jumper has made it’s second appearance. It wasn’t cold on this day but since I work in an office, it’s always cold. I felt like getting stuff* done on this day so I went for some sturdy boots that would evoke the feeling of getting my stuff* together. It was this week that I reignited my obsession with Man Repeller. So I dug around my wardrobe and found that my pink purse is as dramatic as I can get.

dress – veronica maine / jumper – old h&m / boots – alias mae / purse – whistles

23 Feb 2018: It’s an all black outfit! I woke up and scrolled through Instagram and was inspired by Emma Bates’ boots in her all black outfit as well as every street style of the Olsen twins. It was also that time of the month on this day so the top covered up the stomach since it had a bit of a swing to it.

top – boohoo / vest – zara / jeans – topshop leigh / boots – alias mae / scarf – old county road / bag – furla

See you next month when I will try and dress according to the weather!

*shit (Do we care if I swear on here? Do I care?!)

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