The stuff that is usually in my bag.

The bag – Furla Capriccio Hobo

It’s a soft leather bag with a sturdy base. It’s my everyday bag that I take work. So far it has held up its shape despite all extra things I sometimes stuff into it. I bought this last November when they had a random sale. Since then, I have realised they have sales quite often. So if you are keen for a Furla bag, stalk their website for a sale.


H&M Coin Purse & Whistles Card Holder:
The coin purse is extremely old and ratty which is why I covered it up with my card holder. The card holder is from Whistles. They don’t make this colour anymore but they have new colours each season.

This should not be in my bag but here it is. My mother bought this back from Japan a few years ago. My mind was blown when I saw it had a zipped pouch. That means I no longer need to bring a plastic bag with me whenever it rains.

The pink case is from somewhere. I want to say Hong Kong. It’s handy for keeping my earphones neat and tidy.

Rayban Round Metal Sunglasses 53-21:
I very much fell in love with these sunglasses a while back but my face never quite fitted the frames. I then discovered that there are different sizes. So I got the largest size from Sunglasses Hut at the Myer Sydney store and ever since then its been good times all around.


Makeup Bag:
I purchased this makeup bag in Seoul. And I wish I knew which clothing store it was from. I don’t carry makeup with me unless I’m running late then I will carry everything. So this is not really a makeup bag..

Eye drops:
I carry this just in case I have dry eyes or for some reason I’m out and about and my contacts have an oil smudge on it. I will wash my contacts with these eyedrops.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Sunscreen:
I live in Australia. The sun is the number #1 enemy for my skin. I always carry sunscreen around but I must admit I don’t really like this one.

L’Occitane Handcream:
Handcream to keep the hands moisturised. I bought the travel size version because I loved the bigger version. The consistency in the mini is thinner so it doesn’t moisturise as well as the bigger version.

Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Perfume:
My favourite scent ever. So yes, I must carry it around for top ups.

Gum & Floss:
It’s in my bag for just in case scenarios. You know the ones.

Muji Mirror, Hair Ties & Bobby Pins:
To check if my face is in place and I just happen to have spare hair ties and bobby pins just in case.

Hand Sanitiser:
Because germs.

Hope you enjoyed the quick snoop into my bag.

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