What I wore on Fridays in March.

02 Mar 18: The story of this outfit – I wanted to wear white and green. I dug through my sister’s coat cupboard for my green jacket but I found this green blazer-coat. I then got the golden approval to borrow/on loan until she wants it back. I then tried on the coat with some cream linen pants, it didn’t work. My next step was to find inspiration. Found inspiration on a Pinterest board. 98% copied main components of the outfit from Pinterest board. I felt ‘ok’ in this outfit.

shirt – old country road / jeans – topshop leigh / blazer-coat – a stall in mong kok, hong kong / shoes – midas

09 Mar 18: I bought a navy jumper the week before and I wore it on this Friday. A bit plain jane. I think this is the jumper that will replace my grey H&M one.

jumper – country road / pants – old country road / shoes – midas / sunglasses – raybans round metal 53-21

17 Mar 18: I was mentally and physically exhausted this week because I started a new role at work so I went for the easy route – a new jumper and jeans. Yes, it is the same jumper as the navy one but in green.

jumper – country road / jeans – topshop leigh / shoes – converse

23 Mar 18: It rained three days straight and I was just in the mood to wear the navy jumper. I added the white scarf to make it *interesting* but really it was a hassle to wear. I was also not in the mood to plan my outfits. So I guess I went for the safe pieces.

jumper – country road / jeans – topshop leigh / shoes – jo mercer / scarf – was a gift

And I’m ending it here for March since right now I’m on vacation. I’ll see you in April when the weather is hopefully cooler and I can bring out my coats and somehow elevate my outfits.

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