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Uniform: April 2018

What I wore on Fridays in April.

13 Apr 18: First Friday back at work. I jumped on the band wagon and decided to purchase a checked blazer whist overseas – so I wore that because I love so much. I went with green blouse (with no sleeves so the blazer stayed on all day) and my trusty jeans and loafers.

blazer – sly / blouse – uniqlo / jeans – topshop leigh / loafers – midas

20 Apr 18: I’m embracing the sun before the cold weather rolls in (but to be honest the concept of ‘cold weather’ seemed to have ceased in Sydney). I wore a sleeveless dress with a white t-shirt on top that was knotted at the waist. A denim jacket in case it was cold in the office (it was not). An old scarf to brighten the look up and beige sneakers.

dress – veronica maine / top – monki / jacket – zara / scarf- old zara / sneakers – new balance 247 rev lite

27 Apr 18: The cold rolled in!! It was tops of 20 on this day. I wore a black turtleneck and jeans with navy duster coat and a scarf to break up the colours. I might recycle this outfit – just with a different coat (prepare your eyes?)

top – uniqlo / jeans – topshop leigh / coat – grove / scarf – old zara / bag – oroton / loafers – midas

See you in May!


  1. Loooove this series (but you already knew that bc I’ve already told you lol). I just started an internship in politics so I’ve been looking for office/work outfit inspo!

    Unrelated to clothes, but can I ask what you use to make your header images? I love that highlighter + handwritten text – is it a tablet app?


    • Woo!! Congrats Maxine on the internship- exciting times!!

      I use a knock off photoshop app called firealpaca and I use a tablet to do the handwriting :D

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      • ahh thank you dude! & thanks for the firealpaca rec, i’m always on the lookout for photoshop knockoffs lol ^_^


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