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Tokyo 2018

The good ones from Tokyo – taken from the phone.

Each row from left to right:

  • Cherry Blossoms at Yoyogi Park; Meiji Shrine.
  • At Tsukiji Market: egg on a stick (it was rather sweet).
  • Still at Tsukiji Market: warabi mochi; sesame and grape icecream; barbecue scallops.
  • Sushi at Tukiji Tunao; Tomato, chicken and egg rice ball from Family Mart (its so good).
  • Fluffy pancakes at Espresso D Works.
  • Ramen at Ichiran.
  • A journey to eat tempura: stairs that you will walk past, outside the restaurant Miyagawa Tempura, inside the restaurant, the tempura I ate that did not weigh me down.
  • Odaiba scenery and a cute little cafe.
  • Soba at a restaurant in DECKS in Odaiba; the final meal at Haneda Airport – udon from Tsurutontan.

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