What I wore on Fridays in June.

I also failed to take pictures on the day so I recreated them.

01 Jun 2018: It was a rainy day but I refused to break out my heavier coats. So layered up with the vest and and scarf. I think I may have been bloated on that day since I chose the swing top.

duster – grove / jeans – topshop / loafers – midas / vest – zara / top – asos / scarf – cr

08 June 2018: I didn’t plan this outfit. I questioned what was clean, what was comfortable. The combination of these pieces came together. I think my vest is a safety blanket for my outfits. Once at work, I will take off my coat. If I didn’t have my vest, I would feel too exposed. I don’t exactly know why since I am covered head to toe. I will get back to you on these feelings.

coat – jashin desgins / top – uniqlo / vest – zara / scarf – cr / boots – jo mercer

15 Jun 2018: You bet I planned this outfit. I believe I was searching Alexa Chung outfits and this happened. I also wanted to wear my trench coat since I haven’t worn it in Australia. The coat wasn’t enough to keep me warm so of course the vest came in. I felt pretty confident in this.

trench – index / pants – zara / top – uniqlo / vest – zara / heels – jo mercer / scarf – my mother’s

22 Jun 2018: My outfit was my pjs. Old sweats and a ratty t-shirt aka was ill.

29 Jun 2018: It was end of financial year. In my line of work it was a busy week. I chose what was comfortable. I believe this is an outfit repeat from 23rd of March and 4th of May except I’ve added a coat and scarf. So guess this is the true ‘uniform’.

knit – cr / jeans – neuw / boots – jo mercer / scarf – cr / coat – veronika maine

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