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Uniform: July 2018

What I wore on Fridays in July.

06 Jul 18: I wore a new Zara top that I got on sale which I hope will blend seamlessly into my summer wardrobe. I loved this outfit but it is rather casual.

top – zara / jeans – neuw / loafers – midas / jacket – somedays lovin’

13 Jul 18: Hello, outfit repeater but with red shoes and a scarf. I usually wear this dress if my body is bloated and on this day it was.

dress – veronika maine / jumper – h&m / loafers – midas / scarf – cr

20 Jul 18: I am wearing a brown coat that I bought when I was 16. This was the first time I wore it out since 2011. I kid you not, the past four years I’ve been trying sell or donate it but I think it’s here to stay. I’m also wearing all black or navy underneath.

shirt – uniqlo / jeans – neuw / loafers – midas / vest – zara / coat – old portmans

27 Jul 18: I’m wearing a t-shirt underneath that has a swing to it (because for some reason I am bloated – literally all month I have been so uncomfortable in my own skin). My grey jumper is back making it’s forth appearance on a Friday outfit. Red shoes to make the outfit look somewhat interesting.

top – seed / pants – zara / jumper – h&m / loafers – midas 

Better late than never.

Hope to see you in August when the legs are out because it’s getting warmer around here.

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