Better late than never? Here’s my 2018 annual playlist.

Each year I create a playlist of songs that I have enjoyed. Some of these songs just happened to have bookmarked a few moments. Below are some of my favourites of 2018. If you really want to know what I listened to over and over again (you don’t) here’s my 2018 wrapped by Spotify – there is a lot of pop.

    1. Super Far – LANY: I love LANY pre-Malibu era. I saw them live early last year and everyone jammed out to Super Far and we all sang the ‘do-do-do‘ part at 2:20. Give it a listen yourself?
    2. Deep Relief – Sundara Karma: My selective hearing really enjoys the line ‘Take what you love but try to heal the things you hate’. 
    3. The album Come Out. You’re Hiding – Flor: This is the first time in a long time I’ve loved each song on an album. I particularly love the songs Warm Blood, Heart and Unsaid – these songs were played over and over again in the beginning of summer. They bring back fond memories of a past relationship.*

*edit: 20 July 2019 – I can fully express what these songs mean :-)

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