It has been a while since I’ve written any updates on here. A lot has happened within a year.

I found an Instagram post which had these questions on it. I think it is a perfect way to provide an update.

So here we go…

Highlight of last month was…

I’m going to cheat here – I’m going back to 31st August. On the 31st of August, my sister got married! Two days later, I went on a short family holiday to Hong Kong. I then flew over to Japan for my first solo oversea trip. When I came back from holidays, I changed roles at work to a creative one. A month full of highlights.

This month I want to feel…

I want to feel excited and curious about my new role and all the things I need to learn and absorb. I want to feel accomplished and satisfied with the work I’ve put in at the end of the day. This applies to both work and personal goals.

I’ll be over the moon if by November, I…

Improve skills my writing skills, finish reading one book. To have written at least two new posts on this blog. This one is not included.

One thing I’ll regret not doing in October is…

Getting active! Whether it be a 20-minute walk at lunch or a HIIT class at 6 am.

I want to give myself more permission to…

Not be so harsh on myself. I transitioned from a financial role into a creative one. I’m learning everything from scratch, so I’m bound to be slow in some tasks. It’s a new, different feeling.

If I get stuck, I’ll remember…

Hey, be kind to yourself. We all face stumbling blocks. Remember to ask for help! Also breathe!

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