Yes, onsen is a verb now.

This post is probably a bit TMI.

Let me set the scene:

I booked this two-night stay in the gorgeous little onsen town two months before my departure. However, it was a month before my departure date; nature shifted her timing and blessed me with her early presence (so rude). I realised two weeks later that I would probably get my period in Kinosaki.

I crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t happen. I hoped that my body would be preoccupied with stress from a job change, wedding and travel planning. No, my body was fine and functioning (and I am 100% grateful for that!). I was still so disappointed when it arrived.

I was there for three days, but it was more like one and a three-quarter day and two nights. Arrived mid-afternoon and left mid-morning.

So what activities did I do since I could not go to any onsens?

Activities I did:

Walk around town more than once. It is a small town, but some stores don’t open on particular days or open at a later hour. I walked around multiple times in the day and night. Went into every store and picked up some souvenirs.

I dipped my feet in the public foot onsens.

Hiked up the hundreds of stairs to Onsenji Temple. I didn’t make it all the way to the top. To be absolutely honest, I had no idea how to continue hiking up. I couldn’t find any stairs or pathway for me to continue up. So I made my way back down. Note, bring mosquito cream and sunscreen.

You can grab a sweet treat. This is dango from Kinosaki Kinako.

Night time, play a few rounds in an arcade to see if you could win anything.

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